Soil, 2015, 2017 

Stop motion, multi-channel series of short gif-like cartoons, 1920×1080 

The series was my reflection on Perm city scape, its rhythm, nerve, lots of industry and bits of nature here and there. Perm landscape is characterized by soil erosion and ravins — abstract animation is inpired by the drama of the Ural relief, tactile experiences of the terrain and its traumas. Small staples break through cardboard and cause its mutations, leave traces, holes, grow through the surface. This is kind of tattooing of the soil and surface. Perm landscape, as the bearer of time and people, is streaked with cracks, tattoos of the earth. In this stop-motion animation, all traces are left with staples on the cardboard but the staples are not visible in the frame (they were visible in other fragments, which were later attributed to Grass gif-series) — Soil fragments