Steel Life, 2019 

Video installation, one-channel video with sound, metal staples on the walls (8×25 mm), metal staples on the floor (8×25 mm). Computer animation, duration — 7 min 35 sec, maximum size — 2440×2160 px 

Steel Life appropriates a drawing by one of the greatest Russian landscape painters of the 19th century — Isaac Levitan — Barn. Twilight, 1895. In the animation, a landscape is slowly disintegrating, the lines of the drawing transform into 2D staples which fall down and join the pile of metal staples on the floor. The staples on the walls start with a horizontal line on the left of the projection and develop into a chaotic composition on the wall near the exit on the right. The soundtrack for the installation is the idyll relaxing nature sound, which changes into a set of loud indistinct industrial noises at the end of the video when the image disintegration is intensified. — exposition view — animation