Fence, 2021, commission

Interactive public art object, wood, staples, metal props inserted into the ground, children’s drawings on the inside of the object/commissioned by PERMM museum

The Fence was designed for the annual public art competition in Samara — Volgafest. The theme for 2021 was “obstacles”. There are a lot of restrictive structures in the public space in Russia in general, sometimes necessary, sometimes appearing by inexorable inertia — multiple lattices, fences of different configurations, and spirals of barbed wire. We invited children with their fearlessness, sincerity and spontaneity to reflect on the topic of public obstacles and personal vulnerability. Usually, a fence is erected to hide or protect, but our fence is intended to show and reveal! Children talk about themselves and their inner world.

The fence has two structural parts — straight and chaotic. Within the framework of master classes, the children designed their drawings on both parts, but only on the inside, the outside was left “hostile”, with metal staples reminding of thorns or barbed wire. The straight part was intended for dreams and personal likes, and the falling part invited young artists to talk about their fears and negative experiences.