Towns (Gorodki), 2017

Unrefined barn, construction staples, variably dimensions 

“The construction of lumber pieces, randomly connected by staples, depicts the layout of an abstract city and is a commentary on haphazard urban planning. Staples effectively hold all elements together, but are the result of arbitrary and forcible fastening. We can see examples of such city growth on the example of large cities: in the 20th century, several nearby settlements were annexed to Perm, for example, the Kirovsky district was formed due to the inclusion of the village of Zakamsk, the suburban zone of the city of Krasnokamsk and the villages united by the Zakamsk Council.” — Evgeniy Kutergin, translated from Russian 

The abstract city is being sporadically unified and held together by metal staples that show the force and effectiveness and at the same time arbitrariness and brutal character of such bonds. — A visual commentary on incongruous city planning and building, when cities grow due to rapid industrialization or pure political reasons.