An attempt to replay, 2019

Site-specific installation/felled birch parts, metal staples

The installation site has a dramatic history in Perm. This ravine area, close to the city center, was a place for private garden spots with orchard trees — the so-called “ogorody” some 50-30 years ago. Later orchards were abandoned and the place became a walking area for those living in apartment blocks nearby. A couple of years ago a businessman Gulikyan purchased this area with the aim of building them up with apartment blocks. The construction was banned, though, through the court, since this is the valley of the Yegoshikha River and a park zone. Most trees, however, had been cut down to clear the area for construction. An attempt to fix, to make dead alive again, to join the divided into the whole. Birch parts are united into one snake-like line which crawls from the ravine toward the newly built apartment blocks.

I am thankful to my Dad for helping me in this installation despite his strong dislike of contemporary art and my personal practice.